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Pot Brush with a holder

Pot Brush with a holder

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Say goodbye to plastic and embrace a greener kitchen with our Bamboo Pot Brush a durable and eco-conscious choice for a cleaner planet.

Introducing our eco-friendly Bamboo Pot Brush, the perfect companion for sustainable and stylish kitchen cleaning. Crafted with a handle made from 100% natural bamboo, this brush not only looks elegant but also minimizes your environmental footprint. The sturdy bamboo bristles effortlessly tackle tough stains and grime on dishes, pots, and pans, while being gentle on your cookware. 

The brush with white bristles is soft and suitable for cleaning dishes that aren't that hard to clean. Whereas a brush with darker bristles is more sturdy and perfect for removing burns from pots, pans, or other dishes. 

The bamboo brush holder adds a stylish look to the kitchen and keeps the brush dry to last longer. 

  • Perfect for cleaning dishes, kitchen sink, cast iron pans, and other stubborn stains.
  • Smooth Handle with ergonomic design fits well in the palm of your hand.
  • Wooden base acts as brush dryer and holder.
  • Compostable bamboo handle and soft sisal bristle make it more eco-friendly.


  • Brush - High: 8 cm Diameter: 5 cm
  • Brush holder - Diameter: 8 cm


  • Bamboo bristles 
  • Bamboo handle
  • Bamboo holder

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