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Hemp massage glove

Hemp massage glove

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Indulge your skin care routine with hemp massage glove.

The massage glove made with natural hemp fibbers, it provides gentle yet effective exfoliation, stimulation, and soothing of the skin. Whether used wet or dry, in or out of the shower, it helps slough away dead skin and leave your body soft, smooth, and glowing.  Here are some key features of our Hemp Massage Glove:

  • Made with natural hemp fibbers for gentle and effective exfoliation and stimulation
  • Can be used wet or dry for added versatility
  • Provides a refreshed and revitalised feeling after each use
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use on all parts of the body
  • Machine washable in warm water for easy cleaning

Make the switch to our Hemp Massage Glove and experience the benefits of natural, sustainable, and gentle self-care. Order now and enjoy the ultimate massage and exfoliation experience with fast delivery available.

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