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Mini White Wipe (double-sided)

Mini White Wipe (double-sided)

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Wondering how to clean using water only?

The double-sided wipe breaks down any dirt and grease into the molecules that form an emulsion with water, subsequently removed with a Sunbeam cloth. Both sides can be used for cleaning that makes faster cleaning, especially large surfaces.  The wipe is to be used well-soaked, for any surfaces highly tolerant of water, e.g. window frames, doors, bathtubs, washbasins and other sanitary facilities, water mixers, glass surfaces, cookers, fume hoods, kitchen sinks, kitchen worktops, crockery, car bodies, hubcaps, etc. It perfectly absorbs unpleasant odours and is, therefore, most suitable for cleaning fridges and microwave ovens, where chemical agents are not recommended. It may also be used for lifting off various stains from carpets, upholstery, clothing, and shoes. 


Wipe size 15x18cm

How to use it?

The wipe should always be well-soaked and wrung out before use. Then, using circular movements remove grease and dirt, and wipe off the resultant emulsion either with a moist or dry Sunbeam cleaner. Make sure to have them rinsed off in clean water now and again, while in the case of any heavy soiling, antibacterial soap might be used. 

How to take care of it?

The wipe to be washed manually with Nano Silver antibacterial soap added, or in an automatic washing machine at a temperature of up to 60°C, using any regular washing powder, with no laundry softeners whatsoever. Not to be dried in automatic dryers, or on the radiators.

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