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Natural Brown Soap with Nano Silver Technology

Natural Brown Soap with Nano Silver Technology

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Need a soap for sensitive skin or to remove stains of your clothes?

Soap with Nano Silver, for all-around body washing and face and body care, is also highly recommended for washing our range of organic products. In addition, it perfectly removes stubborn stains from your clothes.


  • strong bactericidal, viricidal, and fungicidal effects - no allergic reaction included
  • manufactured from fats and oils of vegetables origin only
  • does not cause irritation, soothes inflammation, helps maintain natural pH
  • eco-friendly, contains no environmentally harmful substances 
  • prevents the incidence of foot and nail mycosis 

Washing Properties

Nano Silver soap is an excellent washing agent, effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi at 30 degrees Celsius. Extremely effective in removing persistent dirt, eliminating unpleasant odours, help maintain colour saturation in fabric. 

Containing no titanium and it does not leave any white residue on the fabric. Boasts an antistatic effect. Contains no detergents, dyes, and allergenic substances, e.g., nitrosamine, phthalates, PEG and PPG emulsifiers, GMO ingredients parabens, silicones, or paraffin. 

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