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Sunbeam Cloth

Sunbeam Cloth

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Would you like to clean sparkling shine?

A Sunbeam cleaner boasts an extremely high absorption capacity due to its dense fibber structure. It removes water and emulsion residues resulting from the use of white and beige material, and in this way gives a perfect shine to any surface under cleaning. Makes it very easy to polish a variety of surfaces, e.g. windows, mirrors, lamps, water mixers and taps, furnishings, ceramics, crockery, furniture accessories, car bodies, audio-video equipment, or any other surfaces.  

How to use it?

Sunbeam cleaner should be used dry or damp (damp is more absorbent) to collect any residual water left on the surface after using a white or beige material. Use it after cleaning surfaces with white of beige material. 

How to take care of it?

To be washed manually with Nano Silver antibacterial soap added, or in an automatic washing machine at a temperature of up to 60°C, using any regular washing powder, with no rinsing liquids whatsoever. Not to be dried in automatic dryers, or on the radiators.


Small size 38x38cm

Medium size 56x56cm

Large size 50x80cm

X Large size 80x80cm

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