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Window express, the fastest way to clean windows

Window express, the fastest way to clean windows

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Do you really like your current window cleaning method?

A window express with a white cover is a dual-purpose cleaning tool that combines a rubber squeegee blade for streak-free liquid removal with an attached absorbent cloth or scrubber for effective pre-cleaning and scrubbing of glass surfaces, making it ideal for achieving a crystal-clear finish. This versatile tool simplifies the process of cleaning windows by offering both scrubbing and streak-free drying capabilities in a single, convenient device. Use nothing else but water.

How to use it?

The white cover should be well-soaked and wrung out before use. Then, using circular movements remove grease and dirt. Them using laser cut blade wipe off an excess water and finally wipe the edges of the blade with the sunbeam cloth. 

How to take care of it?

The white cover is to be washed manually with Nano Silver antibacterial soap added, or in an automatic washing machine at a temperature of up to 60°C, using any regular washing powder, with no laundry softeners whatsoever. Not to be dried in automatic dryers, or on the radiators.


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